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The Jane Does
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The Jane Does keep you up to date with their recent activities...
Go Does!


The Jane Does went off with a bang with their gig at the

St Helens' 'Top Pub' - or 'The Newport Hotel' as it is more formally known .

After playing underground since February of this year, the girls managed to feed the crowd with catchy rock tunes that lasted well into the night. With special guests 'The Voyeurs' , a well know local exotic-rock outfit, the gig went off with a bang.

The after party kicked on well into the night with many strange faces (who are still unknown to us) making the pilgrimage to 'Room 28'! Not all people were invited back to the pad and their consequent removal resulted in a pathetic retaliation attempt. We awoke the next morning to discover tyres on several cars had been deflated. Oh well you can't please everyone...

All in all the gig was a massive success and the girls would happily return to the sea-side retreat!

Coming soon....

The girls play 'The Lounge' in Launceston on the 10th and 31st of July and the 28th of August...

St Helens rocked!